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Shenzhen light era technology development company limited

The LED lighting, LED to wash landscape wall lamp, LED buried lights, LED project-light lamp, LED guardrail tube, LED lawn lamp, LED underwater lamp, street lamp, fluorescent lamp, LED LED LED indoor lighting

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Light era technology group is globalization management professional company LED lighting products. Company headquarters is located in shenzhen photoelectric industry base original industrial zone, and above in zhongshan cross bar has a professional LED lamps and lanterns production base, the existing staff of 300 companies DuoRen, is a strong strength of high-tech enterprises, is China semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and industry alliance member units, is China optical optoelectronics trade association and China lighting association. Light era technology group to condense the domestic semiconductor lighting field top scientific talents, among them 2 doctors, masters and undergraduate 20 DuoRen. In high power LED the imaging secondary optical system, cooling circuit driver design, the system realized the number of significant breakthrough, the products of the intensity of illumination, evenness, safety, waterproof, dustproof and so on each index fully meet th... [Details]
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